Essentials – 6 Bottles – Mixed – December

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2016 Division Eola Springs Vineyard Pinot Noir

A special, celebratory bottle we’ve patiently waited to share with you.

After 7 years of making wine in the Willamette Valley, Kate and Tom decided to commemorate this lucky year by bottling a special duo of wines from the vineyard that launched their career in this special region. Cheers to making the wines we love to drink – thank you for joining us on our delicious journey.

2017 Division Chardonnay “Deux”

2017 did not disappoint when it came to Pacific Northwest weather drama!

It is certainly clear that our region, and the world around us, is changing due to manmade global climate change, which will invariably affect the way we farm and even what we farm in the Willamette Valley for decades to come. As with the hot years, the cold years, the dry years and the rainy years, it feels as if we’ve seen it all around here now…well most of it anyways.

2020 Division Chenin Blanc “Inondé”

We bid adieu to the old-vine Chenin at Willard Farms with one of the brightest spots of the 2020 vintage with a wine ready to test time.

We source our Chenin Blanc from Willard Farms, an old vine Chenin site in the Yakima Valley. These high-elevation, own-rooted Chenin vines are over 40 years old, all of which help insulate the vines from year-to-year climate variations. The soil is formed of volcanic Miocene uplift against basalt bedrock with the primary topsoil being made up of quartz and lime silica, overlaid with the mixed glacial sedimentary runoff of Missoula floods for a dynamic and unique terroir. We adore this particular site: there isn’t much old vine Chenin Blanc left and the site is farmed by an excellent, albeit quirky, farmer named Jim Willard who has a deep understanding of the soils and region.

2021 Division Pinot Noir “Cent”

Zero Zero, that’s nothing added (specifically referring to sulfur in the wine world), single-vineyard Pinot that channels the best of the vintage and demonstrates the potential of winemaking without a net.

We use very little added sulfur, to begin with, but have always felt a small amount stabilized the wines from oxidation and microbial troubles, without sterilizing the wine. However, this wine continually demonstrates an unusual capacity to gain in complexity and grace.

We typically name our Pinot Noir wines with numbers written in French, “Un,” “Deux,” etc., and wanted to continue the tradition here, but felt that just continuing down the line didn’t quite feel right for this wine. No sulfur and non-manipulated wines are often called “00” wines in the natural wine community and as there already is a winery called “00” in Oregon, we thought we would be a bit tongue-in-cheek and name the wine “Cent” or “100,” as it’s 100% percent free of any adds.

2021 Division-Villages “Les Petits Fers” 2x

We love drinking and sharing this crushable, juicy carbonic Gamay.

The Gamay Noir grape, which hails from the Beaujolais region and also flourishes in the Loire Valley of France, has witnessed a rapid popularization in growth in the U.S. over recent years. A fact that that makes us very happy as Gamay is now such a large part of our production (second only to Pinot noir!).

The Eola-Amity Hills AVA in the Willamette Valley has anchored most of our Gamay vines since we made our first wine in 2011. The region features a mix of soils that are mostly volcanic clay with some marine sedimentary overlay (the Methven site). The vineyards on the top and western slopes of the Eola-Amity Hills and the component from Rebecca’s Vineyard in the Umpqua AVA share some commonalities that make them excellent for growing Gamay, including the effect of coastal weather – with vineyard facing mountain corridors that pull in cool coastal air in the evenings – dropping the warm daytime ripening temperatures and helping the vines retain acidity.

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