Essentials – 3 Bottles – Mixed – October

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2021 Division Chardonnay “Un”

A balanced triumph of dense flavor and lithe weight.

An incredible vintage and a new chapter of greatness after a very challenging 2020 vintage, we truly couldn’t be more pleased with the 2021 Chardonnay “Un” wine. The aromatics quickly draw you in and are bathed in a deeply intoxicating melange of floral chamomile, quince, and flint. The palate delivers the goods too and is both dense in flavor and lithe in weight at the same time. The textural balance is spot on this vintage, a trait we believe defines our wines. Drink up and enjoy now or wait a few months or years to taste what should be a splendid evolution.

2021 Division “Musical Chairs”

Velvety, salty blend mingling multiple grape varieties that’s right for all seasons.

A balancing act indeed, the Musical Chairs blanc’s playful yet focused poise hits most of the summertime pleasure we seek in a wine. Juicy and tangy with pretty floral notes and a dash of perfectly ripe melon lead the way for this wine that can go with just about any setting, whether with food or simply with a few friends after a long day.

2021 Division Pinot Noir “Un”

A new chapter of Pinot greatness after the very challenging 2020 vintage.

We are thrilled with the 2021 Pinot Noir “Un” which just screams “PINOT NOIR” out of the glass. A near-perfect harmony between savory and fruity characteristics. The aromatics are pure heather, cherry, and mineral tones that lure you in. The palate is dense in fruit and character with balanced tannins and acidity that carry the wine completely and seductively to smiles and enjoyment. Drink up now or hold for days. months, years!

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