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2021 Division “Polka Dots”

Delicious, bright and easy drinking fruity bubbles. We love them and you will too.

Our Gamay vineyard, Carousel Vineyard, in the Columbia Valley has been our still rosé vineyard since 2013 and we’ve used it as a component for some of our other sparkling wines, but deep down, we knew that the Gamay from Carousel wanted to star in its own bubbles show. This wine literally could replace the mimosa as the greatest brunch accompaniment – something to consider when you’re deciding how many bottles to stock up on (now that we’re all stuck brunching at home!)

2021 Division Pinot Noir “Cent”

Zero Zero, that’s nothing added (specifically referring to sulfur in the wine world), single-vineyard Pinot that channels the best of the vintage and demonstrates the potential of winemaking without a net.

We use very little added sulfur, to begin with, but have always felt a small amount stabilized the wines from oxidation and microbial troubles, without sterilizing the wine. However, this wine continually demonstrates an unusual capacity to gain in complexity and grace.

We typically name our Pinot Noir wines with numbers written in French, “Un,” “Deux,” etc., and wanted to continue the tradition here, but felt that just continuing down the line didn’t quite feel right for this wine. No sulfur and non-manipulated wines are often called “00” wines in the natural wine community and as there already is a winery called “00” in Oregon, we thought we would be a bit tongue-in-cheek and name the wine “Cent” or “100,” as it’s 100% percent free of any adds.

2021 Division Pinot Noir “Un”

A new chapter of Pinot greatness after the very challenging 2020 vintage.

We are thrilled with the 2021 Pinot Noir “Un” which just screams “PINOT NOIR” out of the glass. A near-perfect harmony between savory and fruity characteristics. The palate is dense in fruit and character with balanced tannins and acidity that carry the wine completely and seductively to smiles and enjoyment.

2021 Division-Villages “Béton”

The heart of this wine will always hale from the experiences we felt from the wines of the Loire.

We love the Touraine rouge cuvée wines from the Loire that are typically served as bistro wines in Paris, and refer to them as inspiration for our “Béton” blend. The wines we enjoyed many years ago while training in France were the inspiration for the Béton cuvée. We attribute the success of our red blend to the desire of so many to have an intriguing and food friendly, yet never overly heavy or boozy red wine as a mainstay at the dinner table.

2021 Queen of the Sierras White 2x

The Queen of the Sierra wines are a celebration of the steep limestone and schist slopes of Rorick Heritage Vineyard in the Sierra Foothills.

Queen of the Sierra white estate blend was grown on the Rorick Heritage Vineyard in Calaveras County at 2000’ elevation, featuring soils comprised of a layer of schist over dolomite-rich limestone. Composed primarily of Chardonnay, Verdelho, and Muscat, the wine shows all of the aromatic complexity and textural presence that are the hallmarks of wines grown on the limestone of the estate.

2021 Populis Wabi-Sabi Red Blend 2x

Highly drinkable and sure to spark a conversation!

A unique blend of Zinfandel, Chardonnay and a splash of Pinot and Carignan. The wine is super fruity and juicy, with just the right firmness on the palate.

2020 Clos de Fous Cabernet Sauvignon Grillos Cantores 2x

A great choice for when you want a great variety of flavors.

A great varietal expression: a bold Cabernet Sauvignon with the typical aromas and flavors that you would expect from this grape variety. Black fruit, such as blackberry, dark cherry and plums. It has balance and secondary flavors without being overwhelming: tobacco, cedar and chocolate and what the experts call “pencil shaving”.

2021 Domaine Du Possible Le Fruit du Hasard 2x

Fruit du Hasard translates to “Fruit of Chance”, an expression meant to celebrate the good things that come to us by complete chance.

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