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2014 Division Chardonnay 'Trois'

2014 Division Chardonnay 'Trois'
This wine is sold out, please feel free to contact us directly to place a pre-order for the coming vintage.
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This wine is sold out, please feel free to contact us directly to place a pre-order for the coming vintage.

2014 Division Chardonnay “Trois”

Cooper Mountain Vineyards, Chehalem Mountains AVA

The Willamette Valley is typically one of the coolest and wettest major wine growing regions in the U.S, which clearly favors the delicate, but seemingly boundless potential of the Pinot Noir grape that seems to show its best on the fringes of suitable farming. While 2014 was not a cool and wet year, it was one of those extremely rare vintages where we experienced enough warmth throughout the season, as well as harvest time dry weather to bring in really amazing high quality grapes at the optimal moment!

We have been very fortunate to work with some of the best Chardonnay sites in the Willamette Valley and again are ecstatic with the old vine Biodynamic Davis 108 at Cooper Mountain Vineyards’ Old Vines site (1978 planting). The Gross family has created one of Oregon’s greatest stories dedicated to truly sustainable farming and wines made very naturally, so we feel very akin the Gross’s and their winemaker, Giles de Domingo. While we did not have enough quantity in 2013 to make a single vineyard wine, the bountiful 2014 vintage provided us with enough Chardonnay to make this wine and include in our cuvée Chardonnay “Un” wine.

As always, we spontaneously fermented with native yeasts, or at the very least, those floating around the cellar! The fermentation was long and cool in one new 500L Puncheon (the wine ultimately split with a cuvée Chardonnay “Un”) and two Burgundy barrels, including one new "Aquaflex" barrel. An Aquaflex barrel is a water bent barrel designed to restrain oak flavor impact without losing valuable tannin and the numerous compounds that enhance structure and elegance that primarily comes from the toast in new barrels. As typical with cool fermentations, they take a while with our Cooper Mountain barrels finished first in March of 2015.

Our Chardonnay “Trois” is a very serious chardonnay, easily our most complex and compelling to date. The wine is light and airy, but still full and rich. The aromatics begin with a slight amount of well integrated reduction that shouts graphite and flint. The palate has great presence and begins with well structured white peach skins, to some lemon crème and ends with a distinct calcium/lime minerality. The 2014 Division Chardonnay “Trois” brings a very classic old world character to it that will lend itself to extended ageing, which we encourage. If you’re going to drink now, a bit of decanting is helpful and will help coax out the complex expression.

Vineyards– Cooper Mountain Vineyards (Biodynamic & dry farmed), Harvest: October 2, 2014
Alc - 12.1%, pH 3.29, 50 cases 

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Chehalem Mountains AVA
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