Please order all bevs at the bar.

$15 corkage for bottles consumed at Fridaze.

Division Winemaking Company

2021 Gamine Pétillant

Bubbles make everything better, especially when they are made from mineral-driven Grenache rosé!

$12 Glass / $28 Bottle

2022 Division-Villages “La Frontiere”

Expressive, enticing Sauvignon Blanc that’s proudly PNW

$12 Glass / $26 Bottle

2022 Division-Villages “l’Avoiron”

Rosé of Gamay from the Yakima Valley reminiscent of watermelon mint granita

$12 Glass / $26 Bottle

2022 Division “L’Orange”

Complex colors, textures and aromatics come together in this summer show-stopper.

$12 Glass / $26 Bottle

2022 Division-Villages “Béton”

The ultimate bistro wine that’s perfect for all occasions.

$12 Glass / $24 Bottle

2021 Division Pinot Noir “Cent”

Zero Zero, that’s nothing added (specifically referring to sulfur in the wine world), single-vineyard Pinot that channels the best of the vintage and demonstrates the potential of winemaking without a net.

$15 Glass / $35 Bottle

Guest Winemaker: Erde Wines

2022 Erde “Suspended In Light” Albariño + Grüner Blend

$12 Glass

2021 Erde “Iceblink Luck” Grenache Rosé

$12 Glass / $24 Bottle

2021 Erde “Tear In Your Hand” Gamay + Pinot Noir + Pinot Blanc Blend

$12 Glass / $24 Bottle

2021 Erde “Just Like Arcadia” Pinot Noir from Johan Vineyard

$15 Glass / $30 Bottle


Beer – $7 Pint
Proxies x Division “Cluster” Non-Alcoholic Wine Alternative – $11 Glass / $25 Bottle
Nons – $3

Pizza by Cafe Olli

Please order pizza at Cafe Olli’s tent
Oven-roasted Padrons – $7
Calabrian Aioli, Lemon
Pomodoro – $8
Tomato, garlic, oregano, stracciatella

Add anchovy +$1

Italian Sausage – $9
Ricotta, mozzarella, new potato, spring onion, green garlic
Zucchini – $9
Calabrian cream, sheep cheese, mozzarella, parmigiano, lemon

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